Hello I am LUCY ACOSTA! I am a medical massage therapist , I have been in the world of massage for several years looking at the needs of my patients when it comes to choosing the best post-surgical girdle, and thus LUCY ACOSTA lipofajas was born, where we have created a line of special garments designed with your needs in mind!

LUCY ACOSTA LIPOFAJAS is the best way to achieve your body goals!
Our Post-Surgical garments are designed to ensure a gradual and moderate compression, meeting the standards for surgical recovery procedures.

LUCY ACOSTA LIPOFAJAS adhere to the skin, forming a constant and uniform pressure,
promoting an anti inflammatory response to the tissue, reducing the pain, bruising and discomfort that is apparent after surgery, also helping with the reduction of sagging all while correcting posture without restricting movement, and allowing the consumer to be fully capable of daily tasks and flexibility.

Our Quality Products:

-Promotes A Decrease in Swelling
-Reduces Pain Post Surgery
-Reduces The Formation Of Fibrosis
-Speeds Recovery Of Bruising
-Shapes Your Body
-Help Correct Posture


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