Actual Effect
Investigating many users and got some feedback after they used 4 weeks for your reference as below,
a. 100% of users reported buttocks firmer
b. 83% of user reported increase in buttocks elasticity
c. 59% of user reported achieved the effect of Hip-lifting and slimming legs


Electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) is a widely used and clinically proven technology for toning and strengthening muscles. EMS technology is used by our product for toning, firming and strengthening muscles to improve body shape ,helping people to look and feel good. EMS technology is also used as part of pre and post-treatment following surgical knee lumbar spine physiotherapy and hip interventions related to osteoarthritis or sports injuries. Other applications included treatment of post-operative edema as well as improving local blood circulation to the muscle. EMS is a gentle therapy for home use Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation(TENS) therapy is a clinically proven, easy to use, safe alternative to pain killing drugs and is widely prescribed by physicians around the world. TENS can be applied to relieve both acute and chronic pain and its is in the treatment of the latter (particularly chronic back pain) where it has won most acceptance in recent years. As a therapy form,it is suitable for most patients and particularly useful in situations where sensitivity to analgesics exists. Our product also use the theory of TENS.

1. 4 programme (as sports, pro crunch, endurance trainer etc.) to be choose free
2. 0~150 intensity levels for maximum power
3. Built-in warm up and cool down phases to ensure correct muscle usage
4. The device to auto-progressing through the programmes
5. Rechargeable & interchangeable controller
6. 5 minutes a day can be like doing 420 times sit-up or 60 minutes running

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