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Compression socks are specifically woven to gently force blood in your legs to flow back up toward your heart, which increases the rate of circulation. That circulation is crucial, helping to reduce swelling (from hours of standing, walking, or running) as well as boost your body’s recovery from workout¬†soreness, injury, or general fatigue.


Compression  socks:

– Cut down on fatigue.

– Boost endurance .

– Reduce swelling .

– Provide leg and foot support after a surgery.

– Breathable and soft, comfortable wear feeling.


  • Item Type: Stockings
  • Gender: Women
  • Material: Nylon
  • Thickness: Standard
  • Color: Orange, Grey, Rose, Yellow.
  • Size: As picture.


How long should I wear compression socks after a surgery?

It is a good idea to wear them while you are recovering and up to 1 month post operations, day and night and should only be removed for showers or contact with water. The post operative period is often considered three months but once you have resumed full activity, normal diet and exercise you can stop. I usually recommend all my patients wear knee high compression socks if they become less active, travel by car/plane just as a general rule. Follow your surgeon’s recommendations.


Orange, Grey, Rose, Yellow

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