When you get a fat transfer or BBL, you should sit on the Lucy Acosta Lipofajas cushion, which evenly distributes your weight so it doesn’t apply direct pressure on your recent procedure. It’s a firm cushion made of foam that allows all the pressure to go to your hamstrings rather than your buttocks.


First and second weeks:

Within the first two weeks of a butt lift, patients should AVOID the following:

– Putting pressure on your buttocks for longer than a few minutes. you should only sit when absolutely necessary using the Lucy Acosta Lipofajas cushion to prevent pressure. you should lay on your stomach or side when resting to prevent pressure on your buttocks. patients should also go on small walks as soon as their recovery allows to prevent blood clots.

– Rigorous activities and lifting heavy things should be avoided for two weeks


Third week:

– Most patients should be able to go back to work after the third week of recovery, still using the Lucy Acosta Lipofaja cushion when sitting.

– Patients should still be avoiding applying pressure on their buttocks and should sleep on their bellies or sides.

– Patients are now allowed to do light cardio, but not any other rigorous activities.


Fourth and fifth week:

– Patients should still use the Lucy Acosta Lipofaja cushion when sitting for long periods

– Patients can now do slightly more rigorous activities such as  longer runs, and swimming.

– Still recommended to sleep on your stomach or side.


Sixth and seventh week:

– Depending on recovery, patients may return to normal activities. once the fat cells have established, they can take the rigorous activity of running or jogging.

– Patients may return to outdoor sports around this time as well.



It has good flexibility and elasticity. Super soft fabric lining, homogeneous material design. Consults with the perfection curve, based on human body engineering elements. Adsorption, high quality bladder and comfortable. Temperature sensing, spray out the pressure. 100% brand new and high quality.



Type: Cushion
Available color: Black
Material: 100% Polyester
Outer Layer of Material: Chenille
Filler: Memory foam
Shape: Bolster
Pattern: Solid
SIZE: Large


Package includes:

1 x seat cushion

  • 100% premium polyester fiber
  • Superior resiliency and smooth consistency
  • Batting fiberfill made from 100% recycled polyester fiber
  • Washable and non-allergenic
  • Unconditionally guaranteed

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